I’m Sarah Walk, a Dayton, Ohio piano teacher.

I've been a pianist since the age of 5, though I initially dreamt of being a violinist. My mother taught me piano until I was eleven, at which point I began private, professional lessons with Linda Schütt. Immediately, I changed my mind about the violin, and dove head first into becoming a pianist. I started playing in the National Piano Guild at the age of twelve, started teaching at the age of thirteen, was a pianist for the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra at the age of fifteen, and earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in music when I was nineteen.

Though I love everything that has to do with the arts and being creative, my first love is music, and it will always be that way. Music grew and matured me, and I'm not sure who I would be without it. Throughout the years, I've promised myself never to become dormant in my own personal music studies, but rather continue to re-invent and grow my musical knowledge and expertise, constantly seeking out new goals and aspirations. I'm a firm believer that we should never, and can never stop learning.

I am honored to teach each and every student that I have, and can only hope that my passion becomes their talent.

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