What I teach

No half-measures, no mediocrity. I’m a firm believer in a strong foundation.  Music theory, technique, and musicianship skills such as scales, cadences, and arpeggios are all vital to becoming a quality musician, whether the student is learning as a hobby or preparing for a career. I’m classically trained and detail oriented, and teach a variety of styles. I don't teach students to play by ear (I believe that reading music is to playing music what reading english is to speaking english), and I haven't studied jazz extensively, but I do teach everything from improvisational skills to lead sheet abilities, and from classical to modern music.

I also encourage (but never push) each of my students to participate in the National Piano Guild, which is a program in which students prepare their music with extreme attention detail, play for a judge, and receive a personal grade of achievement. There are varying levels of performance, ranging from one or two non-memorized pieces, to ten or more memorized ones. It can be completely customized to fit each student's personal goals. This program isn't for everyone, as it takes a level of dedicated and disciplined work, however, it is an extraordinary experience that I highly recommend for anyone who is interested.


Why I teach

I teach because I can’t imagine being in a better position than one in which I get to make a lasting difference in others’ lives. For me, music is a passion. I’m enthralled by its beauty, and I want others to see just how incredible and fulfilling music can be. I teach because it excites me to see others grow in knowledge and in talent of something that was previously foreign, untrained, or forgotten.


How I teach

My lessons are custom-tailored to every individual student, taking into account their goals, their personalities, their learning tendencies, and their physical capabilities. I teach extensively, detailing out my expectations for the week ahead in a notebook, and make sure each student is comfortable with the new knowledge they've been given. I don't have a set curriculum, and I don't have set expectations, however, I will keep students accountable to my instruction and expect students to be able to practice throughout the week. I never push my students beyond what they're comfortable with, however, I will help them accomplish what they're capable of. I believe positivity is essential, and always work to build confidence and a desire to learn in each of my students. Learning music at times can be very difficult (it's like learning an entirely new language!), but that doesn't mean that lessons can't be exciting and rewarding for everyone involved.