. How long have you been teaching?   12 years as of January, 2019. I have had the pleasure of teaching upwards of 200 individual students over these years!

. Do you have a degree? Yes, I graduated with a BA in Music from Thomas Edison State University in 2013. Click here if you’d like to know more about me.

. What ages do you teach? Nearly all of them! Currently, my youngest student is 3, and my oldest is in his 70’s. With the younger crowd, I work on a 3 month trial basis to make sure they’re ready to begin.

. Do you do group lessons?   I believe music is a very personalized endeavor, and at this time I only offer individual private lessons.

. Do you do in-home lessons? At this time, all lessons take place at my home studio in the Oregon District of downtown Dayton.

. Do I need a piano before beginning lessons? Yes, though a keyboard will be just fine to get you started if you’d rather have something portable. If you’re going this route, I highly recommend purchasing a keyboard that has weighted keys. This will allow a more “piano-like” experience.

. How often do you have recitals or other avenues of public performing?   Once a year, students have an opportunity to perform in a formal spring recital. Click here to listen to past years’ performances! I also make it a goal to have one community service recital (such as playing at an assisted living facility), typically around Halloween or Christmas. Both recitals are completely optional for students to attend.

. Do you give discounts for multiple children?   No, not at this time.

. Do you provide the curriculum?   I select the best books for each student based on their learning style and prior experience. Any cost associated with learning materials (books, flashcards, etc.) is covered by the students or their guardian(s).

. How much does my child/how much do I have to practice?   As much as you can! Typically, suggested practice times range from 15-45 minutes a day. The amount and quality of practice each student puts in will directly translate into how quickly their talent grows. The brain needs repetition to learn successfully, so fifteen minutes a day every day is better than 60 minutes, one day a week. I discuss ideal practice times with each student after learning about what their individual goals are.

. My child doesn’t know their alphabet yet. Will that be an issue?   Nope! It's certainly helpful, but not necessary. 

. My child has a learning disability, will you still work with them?   Yes, absolutely! It would be my pleasure.

. I want to learn how to play by ear, will you teach me?   I believe that music is a language, and therefore you must learn the basics of reading before you can master playing by ear. If you have a talent for playing by ear, that's fantastic! You should definitely pursue it. However, I would argue that it's still important to have a solid foundation in how music works. It is for this reason that I don't teach students to play by ear alone.

. Do you have studio policies? Yes! Click here.