Policy talk. Ugh.

I hate this part of running a business, it makes me feel less personal, less inviting, more "tsk tsk" and a little bit of a killjoy. Unfortunately, in order to make a business run smoothly, we've got to talk about the elephant in the room!

Just a little something to keep in mind before diving in: I always desire to be the best teacher that I can be, and am constantly looking for new ways to help my students grow. I strive to create a customized, accountable, and fun learning experience for all of my students, and I love seeing each of my students succeed and flourish! These policies are in effect to accomplish all of this, help my business run smoothly, and to create an equally fair environment for everyone involved. If you have any questions about anything, please be sure to bring it up and we can chat about it further!



Lesson payment for the entire month is due at the first lesson of each month. Easy-peasy.


Once the lesson payment for the month has been made, there will be no refunds for any missed lessons. This helps keep my students stay accountable to showing up! This policy unfortunately must include missed lessons due to sickness and weather. The only exception to this rule is when a lesson must be missed by me. In this case, if the lesson cannot be rescheduled due to conflicting schedules between myself and the student, a lesson credit will be given during the next month's payment.


If a student cancels with a notice of more than 24 hours, they will have the option to reschedule within a 7 day period (based on my availability). If a student cancels with a notice of less than 24 hours, no rescheduling ability will be available. 




By enrolling in lessons with Sarah Walk, you are agreeing to the following policies. These policies are in place for the smooth operation of all students’ time with Sarah Walk. All students and their respective parents/guardians have the right and the ability to ask for further clarification on any of the following topics at any time. Hereafter, the term “Students” is expected to mean either the student themselves, or the student’s parents/guardians.

Students are responsible for the cost of all musical supplies, including but not limited to: all music books or sheet music, notebooks, flashcards, and a metronome, if required.

The monthly lesson cost is non-refundable and will not be applicable for future lesson credit once paid. Students must alert the teacher to any expected absences prior to the first lesson of each month in order to receive the lesson credit. The monthly fee is due on the first lesson of each month, and failure to adhere to this policy will result in a $10 late fee per week. The teacher reserves the right to remove a student’s guaranteed time slot from the schedule if they fail to pay after four consecutive lesson times, whether they were present for them or not. 

By purchasing lessons, students are committing to and purchasing a time slot, not a set amount of lesson time. This means that if a student shows up late to their lesson, their lesson will still end at the regularly scheduled time regardless of the amount of time missed. If the student is on time and the teacher is running behind for any reason, the missed lesson time will be made up to the student at no extra cost.

Students need to give at least 24 hours of advance notice before cancelling a lesson in order to receive the option to reschedule. Students who cancel less than 24 hours in advance forfeit their right to receive a rescheduled lesson, unless the teacher decides otherwise for a unique circumstance.  The ability to reschedule a lesson under any circumstance is based purely on the teacher’s availability, and is not guaranteed. Extreme circumstances: if the student fails to be present for their scheduled lesson time three times in a row without providing any advance notice, they automatically forfeit their guaranteed lesson time slot in the schedule from that point forward and will no longer be able to schedule lessons with Sarah Walk.

By enrolling in lessons, students commit themselves to active participation and a willing attitude, both during lesson times as well as throughout the week in their practices. This means that students will do their best to answer questions, follow directions, and participate in each lesson in a well-mannered way. They will also schedule practice times in throughout the week in order to learn and grow the musical abilities that the teacher outlines during the lesson times. Failure to do any of the above may result in lesson termination by Sarah Walk. Each student’s musical growth is directly related to their willingness to participate and the amount and quality of practice time they schedule for themselves throughout the week. It is the student’s responsibility to pay attention to the best of their ability, and failure to do so resulting in lack of musical growth is not a result of the teacher.

Music is learned through consistency; without it, students cannot expect growth. Keeping this in mind, students are expected to attend each weekly lesson and bring any applicable materials (books, notebooks, flashcards, etc.) needed. Failure to do so may result in termination of lessons by Sarah Walk. This policy does not extend to the plenty of times where lesson attendance must be missed (vacations, appointments, sickness, emergencies, etc.) as well as the occasional times when books are accidentally left at home. Instead, it specifically refers to a student’s consistent last-minute cancellations, no shows, or failure to bring materials, and is considered over a two-month basis. I.e., if a student misses the majority of their lessons and/or continuously forgets to bring their materials over a period of two months, Sarah reserves the right to terminate the student.

Sarah does not have any personal expectations for students, and by enrolling in lessons, the students have the right and the ability to set personal goals. Whether lessons are for casual or career reasons, Sarah will guide each student to reach the personal goals they have discussed and outlined during lessons.

If students do not understand something, it is their responsibility (or their guardian's) to make the teacher aware of it. Students and their parents/guardians may come to the teacher at any point during the week via phone, email, or text in order to have a concept further explained or discuss any questions/concerns!